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Spine, Neck and back injury victims from Road
traffic accidents In Arab countries :

In oil rich Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, it is known for its highest auto accident rate in the world which result in a large number of spine , neck and back injuries plus chronic back pain with no relief in sight. Also, over the past two decades Saudi Arabia has recorded 4 million traffic accidents, leading to 86,000 deaths and 611,000 injuries, 7 percent of which resulted in permanent disabilities. 

In fact, Arab VIPs (cash patients) are at high injury risk in countries like Saudi Arabia. This is a a very serious problem for Saudi executives who share the road on daily basis with out of control drivers and Saudi youth. Please see: 

Fatalities from road traffic accidents among the young in Bahrain :

The average proportion of young males killed by road traffic accidents (RTA) in Bahrain during the 8-year period was 82.7%. Also,  2006 marking the lowest proportion among Bahraini nationals (72.2%) and the total population (79.2%). RTA fatalities constituted 51.3% among the Bahrainis, 20.2% of non-Bahrainis and 39.0% of all fatalities in both sexes combined. The young in Bahrain were 3.5 times more likely to die from RTA than the general population. 

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  • Consultants offer valuable services to local clinics and hospitals. Contact CI (Consultants Institute), for assistance to match your needs with consultants' qualifications.
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  • If you are searching for specific programs for your department, we can help you in finding them. Also, if your organization offer Education and Training programs, please contact CI for web site announcement.
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  • Every year, hundreds of professional events are organized worldwide. To list your announcement, please contact CI.
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  • Contact CI if you are seeking funding support for your program. Also,
    if your company/foundation wish to offer special wards/grants, we would be happy to send you details for CI web site announcement.
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  • Purchasing of major equipment and large orders for supplies are all important decisions and you don't have to do it alone. As a member in the Arab Medical Purchasing Network (AMPN) you benefit from experiences of other members, free of charge!
  • Arab Patient Education:

  • We offer Arab patients a detailed and simplified information to help in understanding specific topics about:
    • Neurosurgery
    • Treatment for head and back injuries, back pain ... etc.
    • Specific questions are sent to consultants for answers:

    • You may send your questions in English or Arabic languages
  • Resources For Arab Patient Education:

  • Organizations and neurologists may wish to list/link their web sites on patient education (such as, FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions) to Arab Neurosurgery web sites. Please contact CI for more details.
  • Examples :

Distinguished Arab Neurosurgeon

Khalaf Al-Moutaery, MD

Major General/Professor, Director, Neurosurgery Department,
Editor-in-Chief, Pan Arab J. Neurosurgery,
Central Region, Military Hospitals, Riyadh , Saudi Arabia,

... Specialists

John Chiu, MD
California Spine Institute
Arabic Language web site

Daniel Choy, MD
Laser Spine Center
Arabic Language web site

T. S. Park, MD
Pediatric Neurosurgery

Arabic Language web site

David W. Pincus, MD
Pediatric Neurosurgery

Maryam Rahman, MD
Spinal Tumors


P.O. BOX 748
Lake Forest, CA 92609

E.MAIL   ceo.consultant@gmail.com

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